Service Area for MVCHS

MVCHS sign The MVCHS geographic service area comprises all of Mora County. The area has a population of approximately 5,000 (US Census Bureau) covering 1,931 square miles with a density of 2.5 persons per square mile. This compares with the average density of New Mexico at 15 persons per square mile. A total of forty-one different rural villages and hamlets are included in the service area.

The School Based Health Center, the primary care clinic, MVCHS administration, and Caridad de San Antonio are located in Mora. Mora is the commercial hub of the surrounding villages disbursed among the mountain valleys on the eastern slope of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. With the decline of the dependence on the agrarian lifestyle of the residents in the area, few of the commercial businesses remain.

As with other frontier locations, Mora County is officially designated a Medically Underserved Area and a Health Professional Shortage Area.

Culture: Approximately 85% of the residents of Mora County are of Hispanic origin. The Spanish language is alive and well here as are rich Hispanic traditions and cuisine.

History: Many of the current residents of Mora County are direct descendants of the Spanish settlers of the 1600's. A number of national flags have flown over the area, but the basic culture and spirit remain essentially unchanged.